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CAP ID # 983112501

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Empowering Healthcare Providers with
Advanced and Hi Tech Diagnostic Solutions

Carolina Diagnostic Laboratory: A New Era in Healthcare Diagnostics

Healthcare professionals constantly grapple with the complexities of medical diagnostics, facing challenges like missed expectations, intricate processes, and inconsistent results. Carolina Diagnostic Laboratory steps in to transform these hurdles into opportunities, reshaping the landscape of lab partnerships for enhanced patient care and streamlined practice efficiency.

Explore Our Diagnostic Services

Our comprehensive range of diagnostic panels spans from routine tests to advanced specialized diagnostics, ensuring a complete assessment of every patient’s needs.

Molecular PCR Diagnostic Testing

Providing rapid, precise genetic insights for swift disease diagnosis.

Comprehensive Urinalysis Services

Strengthening disease detection and monitoring with our detailed urinalysis.

In-depth Toxicology Screening

Offering vital insights into substance exposure with our thorough toxicology screening.

Pharmacogenomics Testing: Customizing Patient Care with Precision Medicine

Unlock personalized treatment strategies with our advanced pharmacogenomics testing, tailored to individual genetic profiles for optimized medication efficacy and safety. Read more…

Why Choose Carolina Diagnostic Laboratory?

Seamless Integration

Our systems are designed for effortless integration, promoting smoother workflows.

Rapid, Trustworthy Results

We offer quick turnaround times, ensuring results you can rely on.

Expert Support

Our team of specialists is always ready to assist with advice and interpretation.

Customized Services

We cater to the unique needs of every practice, offering flexible and tailored services.

Revolutionizing PCR Testing for Enhanced Patient Outcomes

Carolina Diagnostic Laboratory brings you the latest in PCR testing technology, offering specialized platforms for a range of infections – from respiratory pathogens and STIs to UTIs and more.

Our advanced Molecular PCR testing platforms provide:

Swift, Accurate Results

Reducing diagnosis time with rapid, reliable testing.

High Sensitivity and Specificity

Detecting minute quantities of pathogens for precise identification.

Broad-Spectrum Pathogen Coverage

Ensuring comprehensive detection, including often-missed pathogens in traditional tests.

Data-Driven Treatment Decisions

Facilitating timely and appropriate treatment choices, enhancing patient care.

Transforming Women’s Health with Advanced PCR Testing

Addressing the unique challenges in women’s health, Carolina Diagnostic Laboratory offers tailored PCR testing for precise diagnosis and effective treatment of various infections. Our testing provides:

Exceptional Sensitivity and Specificity Detecting

even the smallest quantities of genetic material for early and accurate identification.

Rapid, Reliable Diagnostics

Enabling prompt treatment initiation, crucial in preventing transmission and complications.

Comprehensive Detection of Co-Infections

dentifying multiple STIs in a single test for effective treatment planning.

Patient-Friendly Testing Methods

Encouraging screening with non-invasive sample collection methods.

Advancing GI Diagnostics with Specialized Testing Panels

Our GI diagnostic panels – including tests for GI-Calprotectin, Fecal Elastase, and Helicobacter pylori – offer:

We are registered for CLIA certification (CLIA ID Number: 34D2295704) and College of American Pathologist (CAP #983112501) accreditation program

Carolina Diagnostic Laboratory stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the field of medical diagnostics, dedicated to enhancing patient care and advancing healthcare practices. We invite healthcare professionals to experience the Carolina Diagnostic Laboratory difference – where precision meets compassion in diagnostics.